Small, personal trips around Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We run small, personal tours to show you interesting sites around Phnom Penh. We limit the size of our groups, so we can give you a more personal experience. The area around Phnom Penh is varied and offers many different sights besides temples and Khmer Rouge history that most people associate with Cambodia.

Phnom Tamao

Daytrip to a Wildlife Rescue Center

Lucky emerging from the forest

$40 /person

This is our specialty trip. We have over 10 years of experience organizing trips to this rescue center. Here you can see an array of indigenous wildlife rescued from the wild, including Gibbons, Sun Bears, Tigers, Elephants and so many more.

You will meet endangered animals upclose, take a ride in an open-topped jeep, try some delicious homecooked lunch and probably learn about some animals you never even knew existed.

Kampong Speu

Two days seeing nature & village life

Kirirom Mountain

$130 /person

Kampong Speu province is home to our family's farm and we want to show you why we love this area. Get an inside look at how life in the countryside is like and experience some beautiful natural sights that Cambodia has to offer.

Enjoy a swim up in the mountains, go shopping for dinner in the local markets, spend a night at our farm (showering with buckets!), visit a local village and get to know the Cambodian culture upclose.

Trips With a Difference

Small & Personal

Small groups offer you a more personalised and focused experience. It allows for better access to animals and specific help at our cooking course.

Making a difference

Cambodia is a country with a rough history, but it's developing quickly. Take a look at all the good works that our done around the country.

See another side

Get outside the capitol and take a look at some beautiful areas surrounding the city. Meet some local people and see what life is like for the average Cambodian.

We are a small tour company organizing trips around Phnom Penh. Our tour to Phnom Tamao was our only tour for almost 10 years. We started a second tour to our family farm to show a side of Cambodia that most people will never experience.